Posted on 03/31/2012 by __socrates

GARDEN Arabic jannah جنة
In the Quran the residence of our first parents is called Al-hannah, “the garden” and not Jannatuy Adn, or the “Garden of Eden.” Jannatu Adn being the fourth stage of celestial bliss. Al-jannat, “the gardens is a term frequently used in the Quran for the state of heavenly joy; and the stages of paradise, which are eight, are known as -(1) The garden of eternity, (2) The dwelling of peace, (3) The dwelling which abideth, (4) The garden of Eden, (5) The garden of refuge, (6) The garden of delight, (7) The garden of Illiyun, (8) The garden of Paradise. [PARADISE.]

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam