Ghusl Masnun

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GHUSL MASNUN غسل مسنون
Lit. “Washings which are Sunnah.”
Such washings are founded upon the Sunnah, or precept and practice of Muhammad, although they are not supposed to be of divine institution. They are four in number: (1) Upon the admission of a convert to Islam; (2) Before the Friday prayers and on the great festivals; (3) After washing the head; (4) After blood-letting. (See Sahihu-Bukhari, p 39, Babu ‘l-Ghusl.) Akrimah relates that people came from al-‘Iraq and asked In Abbas if he believed that bathing on Fridays was a divine institution, and Ibn Abbas replied, “No, but bathing is a great purifier, and I will tell you how the custom of bathing began. The people were engaged in daily labor and wore blankets, and the people sweated to such a degree as to cause a bad smell, so the Prophet said: “O men! Bathe ye on Fridays and put some scent on your clothes.” (Matthew’s Mishkat, vol i 120, from the Hadis of Abu Da’ud.)

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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