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pl. hudud. In its primitive sense, hadd signifies “obstruction” whence a porter or gate keeper is called haddad, or “obstructor”, from his office or prohibiting people from entering. In las it expresses the punishment, the limits of which have been defined by Muhammad either in the Qur’an or in the Hadis. These punishments are (1) For adultery, stoning; (2) For fornication, a hundred stripes; (3) For the false accusation of a married person with adultery (or Qazf), eighty stripes; (4) For apostasy, death; (5) For drinking wine, eighty stripes; (6) For theft, the cutting off the right hand; (7) For highway robbery; for simple robbery or the Highway, the loss of hands and feet; for robbery with murder, death, either by the sword of by crucifixion. (Hidayh, vol. ii. p 1. [PUNISHMENT.]

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam