Posted on 04/03/2012 by __socrates

HAL حال
A state, or condition. A term used by the Sufi mystics for those thoughts and conditions which come upon the heart of man without his intention or desire, such as sorrow, or fear, or pleasure, or desire, or lust. If these conditions are stable and transient, they are called malkah or maqum; but if they are transient and fleeting, they are called hal. (Abdu’r-Razzaq’s Dictionary of Sufi Terms.)
A state of ecstacy induced by continued contemplation of God. It is considered a divine gift and a sure prognostication of speedily arriving at “The Truth.”
Professor Palmer says (Oriental Mysticism, p. 66), “This assiduous contemplation of startling metaphysical theories is exceedingly attractive to an Oriental mind, and not unfrequently produces a state of mental excitement akin to the phenomena observed during the recent religious revivals. Such ecstatic state is considered a sure prognostication of direct illumination of the heart by God, and constitutes the fifth stage (in the mystic journey) called hal or ecstasy.”

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam