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The son of al-Yaman. He was a “sworn companion” of the Prophet, one of the most eminent of the Ashab, and it is recorded by Muslim the Traditionist, that he was specifically instructed by the Prophet. His father, al-Yaman, also called Hisl or Husail, was likewise a companion, who fell at Uhud. Huzaifah died in the time of ‘Ali’s Khalifate, A.H. 36. (See Taqribu ‘t-Tahzib, p. 51.) Sir William Muir says he was the Companion who first suggested to ‘Usman the necessity of the recession of the Qur’an, A.H. 33. (Life of Mahomet, new ed. p. 556.)
“Hodzeifa, who had warred both in Armenia and Adzerbaijan, and had observed the different readings of the Syrians, and of the men of Irac, was alarmed at the number and extent of the variations, and warned Othman to interpose and ‘stop the people before they should differ regarding their scriptures as did the Jews and Christians.'”

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam
The ancestor of the Banu Huzail, a tribe distinguished in the annals of war and poetry, and, as we learn from Burckhardt, still occupying under the same name the environs of Makkah. (Travels in Arabi, vol. i pp. 63,66.)