Posted on 04/02/2012 by __socrates

HYPOCRISY. Arabic riya رياء, nifaq نفاق, makr مكر, mudahanat مداهنة.
When there is an allusion to hypocrisy in the Qur’an, it refers to the class of people known as al-Munafiqun, or the hypocrites of al-Madinah, who in the days of the Prophet professed to follow him, whilst secretly they opposed him [MUNAFIQUN.], vide Surahs ii. 7; xxxiii. 47; lvii. 13. But in the Traditions we have the following with reference to this. Mishkat, book i. ch. iii. pt. 3) : –
“The signs of hypocrisy are three: speaking falsely, promising and not performing, and being perfidious when trusted.”
“There are four qualities, which being possessed by anyone, constitute a complete hypocrite; and whoever has one of the four had one hypocritical quality till he discards it: perfidy when trusted, the breaking of agreements, speaking falsely, and prosecuting hostility by treachery.”

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam