Ibn ‘Abbas

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IBN ‘ABBAS ابن عباس
‘Abdu ‘llah, the eldest son of ‘Abbas and a cousin of Muhammad. One of the most celebrated of the Companions, and the relator of numerous traditions. It is said that the angel Gabriel appeared to him, when he was only ten years old, and revealed to him the meaning of the Qur’an, which accounted for his intimate acquaintance with the letter and meaning of the book. He was called Tarjumenu ‘l-Qur’an, or the interpreter of the Qur’an.” He was appointed Governor of al-Basrah by the Khalifah ‘Ali, which office he held for some time. He returned to the Hijaz and died at at-Taif A.H. 68. (A.D. 687), aged 72 years.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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