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Abu ‘Abdi ‘llah ‘Ikrimah ibn ‘Abdi’illah, was a slave belonging to Ibn ‘Abbas. His master took great pains to teach him the Qur’an and the Traditions, and consequently he is known as a traditionist of some note. His master, Ibn ‘Abbas died without giving him his liberty, and ‘Ali the son of Ibn ‘Abbas sold him to Khalid ibn Yazid for four thousand dinars. But ‘Ikrimah went to ‘Ali and said, “You have sold your father’s learning for four thousand dinars!” Upon this, ‘Ali, being ashamed, obtained Khalid’s consent to annul the bargain, and he granted ‘Ikrimah his liberty. He died A.H. 107 (A.D. 725), aged 84.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam