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ILMU ‘L-ADAB علم الادب
The science of Philogoy. In Hajji Khalfah, Lexicon, vol. i. p. 215, quoted by Lane, it is “the science by which one guards against error in the language of the Arabs, with respect to words and with respect to writing.
The science of polite writing is classed under twelve heads: 1. lughah, lexicology; 2. sa if, accidence; ishtiqaq, derivation; 4. nuhw, syntax; 5. ma’ani, sense of meaning; 6. hayan, eloquence; 7. ‘aruz, prosody; 8. qaf iyah, rhyme; 9. rasmu ‘l-khatt, calligraphy; 10. qarz-ush-shi’i, versification; 11. insha u n’-nasr prose composition; 12. muhazarah, dictation. These sections are regarded as distinct sciences.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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