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ILMU ‘L-FIQH علم الفقة
Jurisprudence; and the knowledge of all subjects connected with practical religion. In the first place, Fiqh deals with the five pillars of practical religion; 1. the recital of the creed; 2. prayer; 3. Fasting; zakat or almsgiving; 5 hajj or pilgrimage; and in the second place with all questions of jurisprudence such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, sale, evidence, slavery, partnership, warfare, &c. &c.
The chief Sunni works on the subject are: Of the Hanafi sect, the Hidayah, the Fataw’a-i-‘Alamqui, the Darru ‘l-Mukhhtar, and Raddu ‘l-Muhtar; of the Shafi’i and Malaki sects, the Kitabu ‘l-Anwar, the Muharrar, and the Ikhtilaju’l-A’immah. The best-known Shi’ah works on jurisprudence are the Shara’i’u ‘l-Islam, the Mafatih, and the Jami’u ‘sh-Shatai.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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