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ILMU ‘L-KALAM علم الكلام
Scholastic theology. It is also known as ‘Ilmu ‘l-Aqa’id, the science of the articles of belief. The author of the Kashfu ‘z-Zunun defines it as “the science whereby we are able to bring forward proofs of our religious belief”, and it includes the discussion of the nature of the existence and the attributed of God.
Ilmu’l-Kalam is the discussion of all subjects connected with the six articles of the Muslim Creed: 1. the Unity of God; 2. the Angels; 3. the Books; 4. the Prophets; 5. the Day of Judgment; 6. the Decrees of God, as distinguished from al-Fiqh, which is an exposition of the five foundations of practical religion – 1, recital of the Creed; 2, prayer; 3, fasting; 4, zakat; 5, hajj.
The most celebrated works on the subject of ‘Aqa’id or ‘Ilmu ‘l-Kalam are: Shathu ‘l-‘Aqa’id, by the Maulawi Mas’ud. Sa’du ‘d-din at-Taftazani, A.H. 792; the Sharhu ‘l-Muwaqif, by Saiyid Sharif Jurjani.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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