Infant Salvation

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The author of Durru ‘l-Mukhtar, vol. i. p. 891, says: Abu Hanifah gave no answer to the question whether the infants of mushrikun (those who associate another with God) will have to answer for themselves in the Day of Judgment or not; or whether they will inherit the Fire (i.e. Hell), or go to Paradise (hannah) or not. But Ibn al-Humam has said, the learned are not agreed upon these questions, and it is evident that Abu Hanifah and others are at a loss to answer them; and, moreover, there are contradictory traditions recorded regarding them. So it is evident that in the matter of salvation, they (the infants) will be committed to God, and we are not able to say anything regarding this matter. Muhammad ibn al-Hasan (the disciple of Abu Hanifah), has said, “I am certain God will not commit anyone to the punishment (of hell) until he has committed sin.” And Ibn Abi Sharif (a disciple of Ibn al-Hasan), syas the Companions were silent regarding the question of the future of infants; but it is related by the Imam Nawawi (commentator on the Sahih Muslim) that there are three views regarding the salvation of infants. Some say they will go to hell, some do not venture an opinion on the subject, and some say they will enter Paradise; and the last view he considers the correct one, in accordance with the tradition which says, “Every child is born according to the law of God.”

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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