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IZRA’IL عزراىيل
The Angel of Death, or the Malaku ‘l-Maut, who comes to a man at the hour of death to carry his soul away from the body. See Qur’an, Surah xxxii. 11 : “The Angel of Death shall take you away, he who is given charge of you. Then unto your Lord shall ye return.” Muhammad is related to have said that when the Angel of Death approaches a believer he sits at his head and say, “O pure soul, come forth to God’s pardon and pleasure!” And then the soul comes out as gently as water from a bag. But, in the case of an infidel, the Angel of Death sits at his head and say, “O impure soul, come forth to the wrath of God!” And then the Angel of Death draws it out as a hot spit is drawn out of wet wool. (Mishkat, book v. ch iii.)

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam