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JACOB Arabic Ya’qub يعقوب
The son of Isaac; an inspired prophet. There are frequent but brief allusions to the Patriarch Jacob in the Qur’an in connection with Abraham and Isaac. The story of his journey to Egypt will be found in the account of Joseph as given in the XIIth Surah of the Qur’an. [JOSEPH.]
A brief reference to his death is made in Surah ii. ch. 127: –
“Were ye present when Jacob was at the point of death? When he said to his sons ‘Whom will ye worship when I am gone? They said, ‘We will worship thy God and the God of thy fathers Abraham and Ismael and Isaac, one God, and to Him are we surrender (Muslims).’ That people have now passed away, they have the reward of their deeds and ye shall have the meed of yours: but of their doings ye shall not be questioned. They say, moreover, ‘Become Jews or Christians that ye many have the true guidance.’ Say: Nay! The religion of Abraham, the sound in faith and
Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam
not one of those who join gods with God!