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pl. Jannat. Lit. “A garden.” (1) A term used for the regions of celestial bliss. [PARADISE.] (2) A term used by Sufi mystics to express different stages of the spiritual life Jannatu ‘l-Af’al, the paradise of works, or that enjoyment which is derived from sensual pleasures, such as eating, drinking, & c.; Jannatu ‘l-Wirasah the paradise of inheritance, which is a disposition like that of the saints and prophets; Jannatu ‘s-Sifat, the paradise of attributes, becoming like God; Jannatu ‘z-Zat, the paradise of essence, being united with God (i.e. absorption into the divine essence). (“abda ‘r-Razzaq’s Dictionary of Sufi Terms.)

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam