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JUDGE Arabic Qazi قاضي
A magistrate or judge appointed by the ruler of a Muslim country. He should be an adult, a free man, a Muslim, sane, and un-convicted of slander (qazf). It becomes a Muslim not to covet the appointment of Qazi, for the Prophet has said: “Whoever seeks the appointment of Qazi shall be left alone, but to him who accepts the office on compulsion, an angel shall descend and guide him.” (Mishkat, book xvi. ch iii.)
The Qazi must exercise his office in some public place, the chief mosque being recommended, or, if in his own house, he should see that the public have free access. He must not accept any presents except from relatives and old friends, nor should he attend feasts and entertainments given by others than his relatives and friends. In addition to his duties as magistrate, it is his duty to attend funerals and weddings, and when present it is his right and office to perform the ceremonies. A woman may exercise the office of a Qazi, except in the administration of punishment (hadd) or retaliation (qisas). (Hidayah, vol. ii. p. 613.)

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam