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A rich and populous valley, eight stages from al-Madinah, inhabited by Jews. It is celebrated in the history of Islam as the scene of one of Muhammad’s expeditions, A.H. 7, when the chief Kinanah was slain and the whole valley conquered. (See Muir’s Life of Mahomet, new ed. p. 388, seqq.)
Here the Prophet instituted mut’ah, or temporary marriage. [MUT’AH.] Here were the special orders regarding clean and unclean animals promulgated. Here Muhammad married Safiyah, the widow of the chief of Khaibar. Here Zainab, the sister of the warrior Marhab, who had lost her husband, her father, and her brother in battle, tried to poison the Prophet with a poisoned kid. The campaign of Khaibar, therefore, marks an epoch in the Prophet’s history. [MUHAMMAD.]

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam