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KHALILU ‘LLAH خليل الله
“The friend of God.” A title given to Abraham in the Qur’an, Surah iv. 124: “For God took Abraham as his friend.”
With regard to this verse, al-Baizawi says: “Abraham in a time of dearth sent to a friend of his in Egypt for a supply of corn; but the friend denied him, saying, in his excuse, that though there was a famine in their country also, yet, had it been for Abraham’s own family, he would have sent what he desired, but he knew he wanted it only to entertain his guests, and give away to the poor, according to his usual hospitality. The servants whom Abraham had sent on this message, being ashamed to return empty, to conceal the matter from their neighbors, filled their sacks with fine white sand, which in the East pretty much resembles meal. Abraham being informed by his servants on their return of their ill success, the concern he was under threw him into a sleep, and in the meantime Sarah, knowing nothing of what had happened, opening one of the sacks, found good flour in it, and immediately set to making bread. Abraham awaking, and smelling the new bread, asked her whence she had the flour. ‘Why,’ says she, ‘from your friend in Egypt.’ ‘Nay,’ replied the patriarch, ‘it must have come from no other the my friend, God Almighty.'” [ABRAHAM.]

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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