Khubab or Khabbab

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The son of al-Arass, the blacksmith. A slave converted to Islam, and one who suffered much persecution from the Quraish on account of his religious opinions.
When ‘Umar was Khalifah, Khubab ibn al-Arass showed him the scars of the stripes he had received from the unbelieving Makkans twenty or thirty years before, ‘Umar seated him upon has maenad, saying that there was bot one man who was more worthy of this favor than Khubab, namely, Bilal, who had also been sorely persecuted by the unbelievers. But Khubah replied: “Why is he more worthy than I am? He had his friends among the idolators, whom the Lord raised up to help him. But I had none to help me. And I well remember one day they took me and kindled a fire for me, and threw me therein upon my back, and a man stamped with his foot upon my chest, my back being towards the ground. And when they uncovered my abck, lo! It was blistered and white.” (Katibu ‘l-Waqidi, quoted by Sir W. Muir.)

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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