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LAILATU ‘L-QADR ليلة القدر
“The night of power.” A mysterious night, in the month of Ramazan, the precise date of which is said to have been known only to the Prophet and a few of the Companions. The following is the allusion to it in the Qur’an. Suratu ‘l-Qadr (xcvii.):-
“Verily we have caused it (the Qur’an) to descend on the Lailatu ‘l-Qadr.
Who shall teach thee what the Lailatu ‘l-Qadr is?
The Lailatu ‘l-Qadr excelleth a thousand months;
Therein descend the angels, and the spirit by permission
Of their Lord in every matter;
And all is peace until the breaking of the dawn.”
This night must not be confused, as it often is, with the Ahab-i-Bara’ah, which is generally called Shab-i-Qadr, or the night of power, but which occurs on the 15th of Sha’ban. [SHAB-I-BARA’AH.]
The excellences of the Lailatu ‘l-Qadr are said to be innumerable, and it is believed that during it solemn hours the whole animal and vegetable creation bow down in humble adoration to the Almighty.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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