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Arabic sakhawah سخاوة, ” hospitality ” ; infaq انفاق, “general liberality in everything.”
Liberality in specially commended by Muhammad in the Traditions : —
“The liberal man is near to God, near to Paradise, near to men, and distant from hell. The miser is far from God, far from Paradise, far from men, and near the fire. Truly an ignorant but liberal man is more beloved by God, than a miser who is a worshipper of God.”
“Three people will not enter Paradise: a deceiver, a miser, and one who reproaches others with obligation after giving”
“Every morning God sends two angels, and one of them says, ‘O God, give to the liberal man something in lieu of that- which he has given away! ‘ and the other says. ‘O God, ruin the property of the miser!”
“The miser and the liberal man are like two men dressed in coats of mail, their arms glued to their breasts and collar bones, on account of the tightness of the coats of mail. The liberal man stands up when giving alms -and the coat of mail expands for him. The miser stands up when intending alms; the coat of mail becomes tight, and every ring of it sticks fast to its place.”

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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