Posted on 05/19/2012 by __socrates

LUNATIC The Arabic majnun مجنون
Includes all mad persons, whether born idiots, or persons who have become insane. According to Muslim law, a lunatic is not liable to punishment for robbery, or to retaliation for murder. Zakat (legal alms) is not to be taken from him, nor is be to be slain in war. The apostasy of a lunatic does not amount to a change of faith, as in all matters, both civil and religious; he is not to be held responsible to either God or man. An idiot or fool is generally regarded in the East by the common people, as an inspired being. Mr. Lane, in his Modern Egyptians, says, “Most of the reputed saints of Egypt are either lunatics, or idiots, or impostors.” A remark which will equally apply tp India and Central Asia.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam