Maqamu Ibrahim

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MAQAMU IBRAHIM مقام ابراهيم
“The place or station of Abraham.” Mentioned twice in the Qur’an.
Surah iii. 91: “In it (Makkah) are evident signs, even the place of Abraham.”
Surah ii 119: “Take ye the station of Abraham for a place of prayer.”
It is a place at Makkah within the Masjid boundary, supposed to have the impression of the feet-marks of Abraham. Burckhardt says this is a small building, supported by six pillars about eight feet high, four of which are surrounded from the top to bottom by a fine iron railing, while they leave the space behind the two hind pillars open. Within the railing is a frame about five feet square, terminating in a pyramidal top, and said to contain the sacred stone upon which Abraham stood when he built the Kabah.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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