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MIQAT ميقات
Lit. “A stated time, or place.” The stations at which Makkan pilgrims assume the ihram or “pilgrnn’s garment. Five of these stations are established by Muhammad (Mishkat, book xi. ch. i. pt. 1) and the sixth, has been added since to stilt the convenience of travellers from the East. They are as follows: (1) Zu ‘l-Hulafa’, for the pilgrims from al-Madinah; (2) Juhfah, for Syria’ (3) Qarnu ‘l-Manazil, for Najd; (4) Yaulamlam, for Yaman; (5) Zat-i-Irq, for ‘Iraq;. (6) Ibrahim Mursia, for those who arrive by sea from India and the east.
The putting on of the ihram at Jerusalem is highly meritorious, according to a tradition, which says, ” The Prophet said, Whoever wears the ihram for hajj or ‘umrah, from the Masjidu ‘l-Aqsa (i.e. the Temple at Jerusalem) to the Masjidu’l-Haram, shall be forgiven for all his past and future sins.” (Mishkat, book xi. ch. i. pt. 2.)

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam