Muhammad, The Children Of

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MUHAMMAD, The Children of
According to the Majina’u ‘l-Bihar p. 538. Muhammad had seven children. Two sons and four daughters by Khadijah, and one son by Mary his Coptic slave.
The two sons by Khadijah were al-Qasim and Abdu’llah (called also at-Tahir and at-Taiyib); and the four daughters were Zainab, Ruqaiyah, Fatimah- and Ummu Kulsum. The son by Mary was Ibrahim. All these children died before Muhammad, with the exception of Fatimah. who married ‘Ali, the fourth Khalifah, and from whom are descended the Saiyids [SAIYID.]
Zanaib married ‘Abu ‘l-As ibn r-Rabi’ Ruqaiyah married ‘Utbah ibn Abu Lahab by whom she was divorced. She afterwards married ‘Usman, the third Khalifah.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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