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MUSIC Arabic musiqa موسيقا, misiqi موسيقي
Which the author of the Ghiyasu ‘l-Luqhah says is a Syriac word. It is generally held by Muslims to be contrary to the teachings of the Prophet for Nafi’ relates that when he was walking with Ibn ‘Umar on a road, they heard the music of a pipe, and that Ibn ‘Umar put his fingers into his ears, and went on another road. Nafi’ then asked Ibn ‘Umar why he did so, and he said, “I was with the Prophet, and when he heard the noise of a musical pipe, he put his fingers into his ears; and this happened when I was a Child” (Mishkat, book xxii. ch. ix. pt. 3.)
Muslim doctors; however, are not agreed on the subject, for Abu Hanifah says, “If a person break a lute or tabor, or pipe, or cymbal belonging to a Muslim, he is responsible, because the sale of such articles is lawful.” But his two disciples, Imams Muhammad and Abu Yusuf, do not agree with him. (Hidayah, vol. iii. p. 558.)

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam