Posted on 06/28/2012 by __socrates

Not mentioned in the Qur’an or in Muslim commentaries. But the following legend given in the Qur’an
Surah ii 261; seems to have its origin in the circuit made by Nehemiah (Neh ii. 13):-
“Hast thou considered him who passed by a city which had been laid in ruins. How,’ said he, ‘ shall God give life to this city, after she hath been dead?’ And God caused him to die for an hundred years, and then raised him to life. And God said ‘How long hast thou ‘waited’? He said, ‘I have waited a day or part of a day.’ He said, ‘Nay. thou hast waited an hundred years. Look on thy food and thy drink ; they are not corrupted and look on thin ass; we would make thee a sign unto men: And look at the bones of thine ass, how we will raise them, then clothe them with flesh.’ And when this was shown to him, he said, ‘I acknowledge that. God hath power to do all things.'”
The commentators, al-Kamalan, say it was either Jeremiah, or Khizr, or Ezekiel.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam