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Arabic Bani Umaiyah بني اميةor ad Daulatu ‘l-Umawiyah. The dynasty of Khalifah who reigned from A.H. 41 (A.D. 661) to A.H. 132 (A.D. 750). descended from Muawiyah, who was the great grandson of Umiyah of the Quraish tribe. Mu’awiyah, the son of Abu Sufyan, took possession of the Khalifate on the death of al-Hasan, and established bin capital at Damascus. The dynasty includes the names of fourteen Khalifahs.
1. Mu’awiyah, A.H. 41
2. Yazid (son of Mu’awiyah), A.H. 60.
3. Mu’awiyah II (son of Yazid), A.H. 64.
4. Marwan 1. (son of al-Hakam), A.H. 64.
5. ‘Abdu ‘l Malik (Son of Marwan), A.H. 65.
6. Al-Walid (son of ‘Abdn ‘l-Malik), A.H. 86.
7. Sulaiman (aon of ‘Abdu ‘l-Malik), A.H. 96.
8. Urnar II. (son of ‘Abdu ‘l-‘Aziz, son of Marwan). A.H. 99.
9. Yazid II. (son of ‘Abdu ‘l-Malik), A.H. 101.
10. Hishim (son of ‘Abdu ‘l-Malik), A.H. 105.
11. Al-Walid II. (son of Yazid), A.H. 125.
12. Yazid III. (son of al-Walid), A.H. 126. l3.
13 Ibrahim (son of al-Walid), A.H. 126.
14. Marwan II (son of Muhammad, son of Marwan), AH. 127—132.
The Abbasides conquered Khorasan under the brothers Ibrahim and ‘Abu ‘l-‘Abbas, and refused to acknowledge Marwan. Marwan was afterwards defeated on the banks of the Zab, and fled to Egypt, where he was again defeated and slain, A.H. 132 (A.D. 750), and Abu ‘l-‘Abbas was proclaimed Khalifah. [KHALIFAH.]

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam