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RICHES. Arabic dauhah دولة
Qur’an lix. mal مال, kasratu ‘l-mal كثرة المال”Great wealth.” Muhammad is related, to have said, “Whoever desires the world and its riches in a lawful manner, in order to withhold himself from begging, or to provide a livelihood fox his family, or to be kind to his neighbours, will appear before God in the Last Day with his face as bright as a full moon. But whoever seeks the riches of the world for the sake of ostentation, will appear before God in his anger. (Mishkat book xxii. ch. xxiii.)
In the Qur’an it is said:-
Surah. xviii. 41: “Wealth (mal) and children are an adornment of this world, but enduring good works are better with thy Lord as a recompense, and better as a hope.”
Surah viii, 28: “Know that your wealth and your children are but a temptation.”

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam