Rising Up

Posted on 06/29/2012 by __socrates

RISING UP. Arabic qiyam قيام.
It is a subject of discussion amongst students of the Traditions, as to whether or not it is Incumbent on a Muslim to rise up when a visitor or stranger approaches.
Abu Umamah says: “The Prophet came out of his house leaning on a stick, and we stood up to meet him, and he said: ‘Do not stand up like the Gentiles who give honour to others.'”
Anas says: “There was no one more beloved by the Companions than the Prophet; but when they saw him, they used not to rise, for they knew be disliked it.”
Abu Hurairah says: “The Prophet used to sit with us in the mosque and talk, and when he rose up, we also rose, and remained standing till we saw him enter his house.”

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam