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RITES. Arabic mansak, mansikمنسك
pl. manasik. The rites and ceremonies attending religious worship in generaL. Qur’an, Surah xxii. 35: “To every nation we appointed rites (mansak) to mention the name of God over the brute beasts which he has provided for them.
The term mansik is more frequently used for a place of sacrifice, while mansak applies to religious observances, but the plural manasik is common to both, and rendered by Professor Palmer and Mr. Rodwell in their translations of the Qur’an, “rites.”
The principal rites of the Muslim religion are the Hajj, or Pilgrimage to Makkah, with the ceremonies at the Makkan Temple [HAJJ]; the daily ritual of the liturgical prayers [PRAYER] the marriage and funeral ceremonies. and, with the. Shi’ahs, the ceremonies of the Muharram. The sacrifice on the great festival, although primarily part of the Makkan Pilgrimage ceremonies, is celebrated in all parts of Islam on the ‘Idu l-Azha, or feast of Sacrifice. [IDU ‘L-AZHA.] The ceremony of Zikr can hardly be said to be one of the rites of orthodox Islam, although it is common in all parts of the Muslim world; it belongs rather to the mystic side of the Muslim religion. [SUFI, ZIKR.]

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam