Ruhu’l Qudus

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RUHU ‘L-QUDUS. روح القدس
“The Holy Spirit” (lit. “Spirit of Holiness). The expression only occurs three times in the Qur’an:—
Surah ii 81: “We gave Jesus the Son of Mary manliest signs and aided him with the Holy Spirit.”
Surah ii. 254: ” Of them is one to whom God spoke (i.e. Moses); and we have raised some of them degrees: and we have given Jesus, the son of Mary manifest signs, and strengthened him by the Holy Spirit.”
Surah v. 109: “When God said, ‘O Jesus, Son of Mary! remember my favours towards thee and towards thy mother, when I aided thee with the holy Spirit, till thou didst speak to men, in the cradle, and when grown up.”
Al-Baizawi says the meaning of the expression Ruhu ‘I-Qudus is the Angel Gabriel, although some understand it to refer to the spirit of Jesus, and others to the Gospel of Jesus, whilst some think it is the Ismu ‘l-A’zam, or “the exalted name of God,” whereby Jesus raised, the dead. (See Tafsir ‘l-Baizawi, p. 65.) [SPIRIT, HOLY SPIRIT.]

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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