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RUHU ‘LLAH. روح الله
“The Spirit of God.” According to Muhammad, it is the special Kalimah, or title of Jesus. See the Qur’an.
Suratu ‘n-Nisa’ (iv.), 169:- “The Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, is only an Apostle of God, and His Word, which He conveyed into Mary and a spirit proceeding from Himself.” (Ruhun min-hu).
Suratu ‘l-Ambya’ (xxi.), 91: “Into whom (Mary) we breathed of our spirit.”
Suratu ‘t-Tahrim (lxvi), 12: “Into whose womb we breathed of our spirit.”
It is also used in. the Qur’an for Adam, Suratu ‘s-Sajdah (xxxii.), 8; Suratu ‘l-Hijr (xv.), 29; and Suratu Sad (xxxviii), 72.; where it is said that God breathed his spirit into Adam, but Adam is never called Ruhu ‘Ilah in any Muslim book. [SPIRIT, JESUS.]

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam