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RULE OF FAITH. The Muslim rule of faith is based upon what are called the four foundations of orthodoxy, namely, the Qur’an, or, as it is called, Kalamu ‘llah “the Word of God; the Hadis (pl. Ahadis) or the traditions of the sayings and practice of Muhammad; Ihma’, or the consent of the Mujtahidun or learned doctor Qiyas, or the analogical reasoning of the learned.
In studying the Muslim religious system, it must be well understood that Islam is not simply the religion of the Qur’an, but that all Muslims, whether Sunni, Shiah, or Wahhabi, receive the Traditions as an authority in matters of faith and practice. The Sunni Muslims arrogate to themselves the title of traditionists; but the Shi’ahs also receive the Hadis as binding upon them, although they do not acknowledge the same collection of traditions as those received by their opponents. [QUR’AN, TRADITIONS, IJMA’, QIYAS, RELIGION, ISLAM.]
Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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