Saba’u’l Masani

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SABA’U ‘L-MASANI. سبع المثاني
Lit. “The Seven Repetitions.” A title given to the Introductory Chapter of the Qur’an by Muhammad himself. (Mishkat book viii. ch. i.). There are three reasons assigned for this title:-
1. Because it is a chapter of seven verses, which is said to have been revealed twice over.
2. Because it contains seven words twice repeated, namely, Allah, God, Rahman, Compassionate; Rahim, Merciful; Iyaka, Thee and to Thee; Sirat, Way; ‘Akihim, to whom and with whom; Ghair, Not, and La, Not.
(3) Because the seven verses are generally recited twice during an ordinary prayer. (See Majma’u’l-Bihar, in loco; and Abdu ‘l-Haqq.)

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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