Salatu S-Safar

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SALATU ‘S-SAFAR. صلاة السفر
“Prayers of travel.” A shortened recital of prayer allowed to travellers. It is founded on a tradition by Ya’la ibn Umaiyah who says, “I said to Umar, ‘God hath said; “When ye go so war in the land it shall be no sin for you to shorten your prayers it ye fear that the infidels way attack you”; but now verily we are safe in this journey, and yet we shorten our prayers.’ Umar replied, I also wondered at the thing that astonished you but the Prophet said, God hath done you a kindness in curtailing your prayers, therefore accept it, Ibn ‘Umar says, ‘I traveled with the Prophet, and he did not say more than two rak’ahs of prayer, and Abu Bakr and ‘Urnar and Usman did the same.’ lbn ‘Abbas says, ‘The Prophet used to say on a journey the noon and afternoon prayer together, and the sunset and evening prayer together'” (Mishkat, book iv. Ch. xlii.)
The established prayers for a traveller are, therefore two rak’ahs instead of the four farz rak’ahs at the noon and afternoon and evening prayers, and the usual two form at the morning and the usual three farz at the sunset prayers, all voluntary prayers being omitted (Raddu ‘l-Muhtar, vol. i. p. 821.)

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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