Salatu T-Tasbih

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SALATU T-TASBIH. صلاة السبهم
“Prayer of praise.” A form of prayer founded on the following tradition related by lbn Abbas who says:—
“Verily the Prophet said to my father, ‘O Abbas! O my uncle! shall I not give to you shall I not present unto you, shall I not inform you of a thing which covers acts of sin? When you perform it, God will forgive your sins, your former sins, and your latter sins, and those sins which you did unknowingly, and those which you did knowingly, your great sins, and your small sins, your disclosed sins and your concealed sins? It is this namely, that you recite four rak’ahs of prayer, and in each rak’ah recite the Falihhim ‘l-Kitab, (i.e. the Introductory chapter of the Qur’an). and some other Surah of the Qur’an; and when you have recited these portions of the Qur’an in the position of Qiyam, then say, ” Holiness to God! (Sub hana ‘llahi), and Praise be to God ! ” (Wa hana ‘llahi), and “There is no deity but God!” (Wa la Ilaha ‘illa huwa), and “God is most great!” (Wa ‘llahu Akbar), fifteen times. Then perform a ruku and recite it ten times; then raise up your head and say it ten times, then make the sajdah and say it ten times; then raise your head and say it ten times, then make another sajdah and say it ten times, then raise your head again and say it ten times: altogether seventy-five times to every rak’ah; and do thus in each of the rak’ah. If you are able to say this form of prayer every day, then do so, but If not, do it once every Friday, and if not each week then say it once a month, and it not once a month, then say it once a year, and if not once a year, than do it once in your sometime.'” (Mishkat, book iv. ch. xl.)

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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