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SALATU ‘L-ISTIKHARAH. صلاة الاستخارة
Lit. ” Prayer for conciliating favor.” Two rak’ahs recited for success in an undertaking. Jabir relates that Muhammad taught him Istikharah, and that after reciting two rak’ahs he should thus supplicate God . “O God, I seek Thy good help in Thy great wisdom. I pray for ability to act through Thy power. I ask this things of thy goodness. Thou knowes, but I know not. Thou art powerful, but I am not. Thou art knower of secrets. O God, if Thou knowest, that, the matter which I am about to undertake is good for my religion, for my life, for my future, then make it easy, and prosper me in it. But if it is bad for my religion, my life, and my future, then put it away from me, and show me what is good. (Mishkat, book iv. 40.)

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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