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SALVATION. The Arabic word najat نجاة
“Salvation,” only occurs once in the Qur’an, namely, Surah xl. 44: “O my people! how is it that I bid you to salvation, but that ye bid me to the fire?” Nor is the word generally used in Muslim works of divinity, although the orthodox sect of Muslims claims for itself the title of Naji-yah, or those who are being saved.
The word maghfirah, “forgiveness,” is frequently used in the Qur’an to express that Christians understand by “salvation”; also Islam, Iman, and Din, words which express the idea of a state of salvation.
According to Islam, a man obtains salvation by a recital of the Kalimah, or creed; but if he be an evil doer, he will suffer the pains of a purgatorial fire until his sins are atoned for. [HELL.]

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam