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SERPENT. Arabic haiyah حية
occurs in the Qur’an once for the serpent made from Moses’ rod (Surah ii. 21). The word used in another place (Surah vii. 104) is su’ban ثعبان. The Hebrew tannsen is also used for a large serpent (a Muslim books, but it does not occur in the Qur’an.
In the Qur’an, , Surah ii. 34, it is said Satan made Adam and Eve to backslide and “drove them out from what they were in,” but no mention is made of the serpent.
The commentators say that when the devil attempted to get, into Eden to tempt Adam, he was stopped by the angelic guard at the gates of Paradise, whereupon he begged of the animals to carry him in to speak to Adam and his wife, but they all refused except the serpent, who took him between his teeth and so introduced him to our first parents (Tafsiru ‘l-‘Azizi, p. 124.)

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam