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SHROUD. Arabic kafan كفن
The act of shrouding is called takfin. A woolen coffin is called tabut, the use of which is generally held to be forbidden by Sunnis, but it is used by the Shi’ahs.
Muhammad is related to have said:-
“Do not be expensive in your shrouds, for they soon rot.”
“Plain white is the best for the shrouds of your dead.”
“The best cloth for a shroud is hullah” (i.e. a white striped cloth used in Arabia).
‘Ayishah says: “The Prophet was shrouded in three garments, but there was neither a coat nor a turban.”
These three garments are still used as shrouds in all parts of Islam.
(1) Izar, a piece of cloth which covers from the waist to the feet.
(2) Rida’, covering from the feet to the shoulders.
(3) Lifafah, a large sheet covering the whole body from head to feet, and closed at the ends.
The bodies of martyrs are not shrouded, but are buried in the garments in which they fell, for it is related that Muhammad so ordered the men who fell in the battle of Uhud To be buried; their weapons being first removed from their bodies, they were buried in their blood stained clothes. [BURIAL.]

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam