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SHU’AIB. شعيب
The Muslim commentators generally suppose Shu’aib to be the same person with the father-in-law of Moses, who is named in Scripture Reuel or Rageul and Jethro. But Ahmad ibn Abdi ‘l-Haiku charges those who entertain this opinion with ignorance. They say (alter the Jews) that he gave his son-in-law [MOSES.] that wonder-working rod with which he performed all those miracles in Egypt and the deserts and also gave excellent advice and instruction; whence he had the surname of Khatibu ‘l-Ambiya’ خطيب الانبياء the “Preacher to the Prophets.”
The account given of him in the Qur’an, Surah vii. 83—91, is as follows —
“And unto Midian did we send their brother Shu’aib, who said, O my people serve God, ye have no god save Him. There has come to you a manifest sign from your Lord: then give good weight and measure, and be not niggardly of your gifts to men, and do not evil in the earth after it has been righted. That is better for you if ye are believers, and sit not down in every path, threatening and turning from the path of God those who believe in him, and craving to make it crooked. Remember when ye were few and He multiplied you; and see what was the end of the evil-doers! And if there be a party of you who believe in what I am sent with, and a party who believe not, then wait patiently until God judges between us, for He is the best of judges! Said the crowd of those who were big with pride amongst his people, ‘We wilt of a surety turn thee out, O Shu’aib, and those who believe with thee, from our village; or else thou shaIt return unto our faith’ Said he, ‘What even if we be averse therefrom? We shall have deviseth a lie against God if we return unto your faith after God has saved us from it; and what should all us that we should return thereto, unIess that God our Lord should please? Our Lord embraces everything in His knowledge; an God do we rely, O our Lord! open between us and between our people in truth, for Thou art the best of those who open. And the chiefs of those, who disbelieved amongst; his people said, ‘ If ye follow Shu’aib, verily, ye shall be the losers’ Then there took them the earthquake, and in the morning they lay in their dwellings prone. Those who called Shu’aib a liar, (were) as though they had not dwelt therein. Those who called Shu’aib a liar, they were the losers then! And he turned away from them and said,’ O my people! I preached to you the messages of my Lord, and I gave you good advice; how should I be vexed for a people who do misbelieve? ”

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam