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SINAI. Arabic Saina سيناء
Heb. Sinai. In the Qur’an Turu Saina’ طور سيناء, also Turu Sinin طور سينين”Mount Sinai”, and at-Tur الطور”the Mount”; Chaldee Tur. In Muslim commentaries, Jabalu Musa جبل موسلى, “the Mount of Moses.”
It is referred to in the Qur’an as the mountain on which God gave the tables of the Law (Surah vii 139), and as the place where God assembled the prophets and took a compact from them (Surah iii. 75) In Surah xcv. 2, Muhammad makes the Almighty swear “by Mount Sinai”, and in Surah xxiii 20, we are told that, “a tree growing out of Mount Sinai produces oil and a condiment for those who eat.
Al-Baizawi (Fleischer’s ed., vol i. p. 343), and the author of the Majma’ul-Bihar (p. 57), both say that Moses received the tables of the Law on the mountain called Jabalu Zuhair جبل زبير

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam