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TABUT. تابوت
(1) The Ark the Covenant, mentioned in the Qur’an, Surah ii. 249: “Verily the sign of his (Saul’s) kingship shall be that the Ark (Tabut) shall come to you: and in it Sakinah from your Lord, and the relics left by Moses and Aaron: the angels shall bear it.”
Tabut is the Hebrew Teban used for Noah’s Ark; and the Ark of bulrushes, Ex. ii 3, and not ‘, Aron, the word in the Bible for the Ark of the Covenant.
The commentator, al-Baizawi, says the Sakinah was either the Taurat, or Books of Moses, or an idol of emeralds or rubies, the head and tail of which was like that of a goat, and the wings of feathers, and which uttered a feeble cry; and when the ark was sent after an enemy, then this was sent. But some say it was a representation of the prophets.
Al-Jalalan say the relics left in the Ark were the fragments of the two tables of the Law, and the rod and robes and shoes of Moses, the mitre of Aaron, and thee vase of manna. [ARK OF THE COVENANT, SAKINAH.]
(2) A coffin or bier for the burial of the dead.
(3) The representation of the funeral of al-Hussain. [MUHARRAM.]
(4) The box or ark in which the body of the child Moses was placed by his mother for fear of Pharaoh. See Qur’an, Surah xx. 39: “When we spake unto thy mother what was spoken: ‘Cast him into the ark: then cast him on the sea [the river], and the. sea shall throw him on the shore: and an enemy to me and an enemy to him shall take him up.’ And I myself have made thee an object of love, That thou mightest be reared in mine eye.”

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam