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  • How Washington Dropped the Ball on N Korean Nukes while Obsessing about Iran (McShane)
    • The uneven approach laid upon the uneven threats. Iran threatened to wipe up Israel from the face of the earth, threatened Europe and the US. What needed more?
      In the last 2 weeks N. Korea tries to mimic Iran. Bad joke!

  • Israel at 65: Welcome to the Neighborhood (Map)
    • Why Jews have no right to create their national state on their historical land? As I previously wrote Jews always sat at their land as native people, even in the last 2000 years. So MyComment, your two narratives are irrelevant.

    • Professor, Zionism is the national movement of the Jewish people, and as such began at the end of the 19th century. Jews should be crowded in the narrow strip that is called Palestine because it is the land of the Jews, the land of Israel. Jews always sat in Palestine, even before that land been called "Palestine" by the Roman occupier. The Arabs are the new occupier of that land. The first time they have occupied Palestine was in the 7th century. Since then Arabs and Muslims occupied the land several time. The last time Arab occupied Palestine was the Jordanian occupation in the West Bank of Palestine, later to be called "The West Bank".

      The 400 million angry Muslims, called Arabs, have already their own 22 state which are bleeding blood for the last half century because of battles among themselves and inside state's wars!

  • Israeli and Lebanese Armies Trade Fire; at least 4 Dead
    • You better ask one Israeli about how he sees the Palestinians and then you'll be more even.... and sane.

    • What a self-defense? The Lebanese opened fire out of the blue while UN observers next to them just shouted at them: "stop fire", that's all! In that case who needs those observers? Let the Israelis observe for themselves and take firm actions when necessary to stop the Hezbollah from full controlling of Lebanon, for the sake of Lebanon!

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