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Abu Talha

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  • Egypt: 100,000 Demonstrators Deliver "Final Warning," chase President Morsi from Palace
    • Defending-Islam 12/05/2012 at 1:34 pm

      I do not know why the President fleeing from his residence has to be seen with such glee. Based on the principles set up by the democratic countries, do they consider it correct for random mobs to corral the elected President of a country and if given the chance perhaps lynch him?

      If Obama where to dissolve the other branches of government [who were trying to depose him, no less] and name himself dictator, do the Americans consider it correct for a crowd to converge on the White House, some with the purpose of killing him if possible?

      I know the American model has been around for a very long time and such a dictatorial declaration would be unimaginable, but I want to know if people really think this hypothetical scenario is OK with them (If people love Obama too much to think clearly, replace him with Bush 43 and make the same comparison).

      It seems to me that most Americans, whether conservative or liberal, deep down really were quite happy with the Mubarak era, regardless of any clamor they may have made about "democracy" and "freedom"

  • Greek Lessons for the Arab Spring: Majid
    • Without getting into a very explanation, I have to say there is absolutely no way that we as Muslims will look into ancient Greece and Rome for inspiration as to what the Islamic way of lifestyle should be. There is no need to argue about this in this forum, but the idea is a total non-starter for the Muslim world at large.

  • Why the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood's Victory at the Polls May not be Decisive
    • What perplexes me the most about the view of this post is that Mr. Cole seems to be almost wishing that the military thwart any chance of an Islamic government to be instituted in Egypt.

      If these are the views of the more liberal currents within the West, what can we expect from those who hate Islam to the core?

      Concerning the "human rights problems", Islam definitely has a very different view from the non-Muslim ideologies on what constitutes "human rights" and what does not. If we Muslims wish to abide by these (and we should without question) I do not see why anyone should attack us for this.

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