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  • Israeli President Peres Smacks down PM Netanyahu on Iran Attack, Supports Obama
    • Whoever is redlining "the abstract knowledge of how to construct a nuclear warhead" is playing a nasty game. This knowledge is *extremely* widespread, to the point that no one bothers to build weapons the easy way anymore. See Wikipedia, "Gun-type fission weapon":

      "...the relatively simple design is a concern, as it does not require as much fine engineering or manufacturing as other methods. With enough highly-enriched uranium (not itself an easy thing to acquire), nations or groups with relatively low levels of technological sophistication could create an inefficient—though still quite powerful—gun-type nuclear weapon."

      Iranian physicists and engineers aren't incompetent. The major challenge is getting enough very-highly-enriched uranium. Going for a fancy weapon design is entirely optional.

      The abstract knowledge to build a nuclear weapon is barely even classified. I'd ask who is trying to draw a red line that's such a dangerous red herring? Accept it, and it calls for a retroactive war.

  • The Collapse of the Climate Change Contrarians and the End of Coal
  • The Three Lies Michele Bachmann Tells about American Muslims (Saunders)

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