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  • The myth and history of Sunni-Shia divide
    • Thank you for this. I lurk on the /r/islam subreddit, and have noticed that individual Muslims there don't seem to be caught up in the sectarian divide. At the same time, the divide seems very real in the region's politics.

      This helps me understand that a bit better

  • Today's Top 7 Myths about Daesh/ ISIL
    • Thanks for writing this. It's very difficult for someone like me to separate what's reasonable and what isn't from what I read, or to get a sense of what things are well known, and what issues are being debated by serious and well informed people.

      A great example of this is Graeme Wood's article at the Atlantic:

      link to

      It seems reasonable and well researched, but I really don't know what knowledgeable scholars would say about it. It might be very much on target or completely biased and ill informed -- I don't know.

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