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Ana Maria Alonso

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  • Egyptian Backlash against Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi's Call for foreign Intervention in Egypt
    • PS How does the regional balance of Sunni vs. Shite (& allies) play into the situation in Egypt, Libya?

    • Foreign involvement had only made matters worse in North Africa (e.g. Libya). We should oppose all forms of imperialism including the "humanitarian" kind since they all end badly for locals. Foreign powers are usually clueless about the internal situation of these countries. I do not understand why the US/NATO did not understand the consequences of the Libyan intervention. So far Gaddafi's remark that without him extremist Islamists would take over Libya stands.

  • All Hell Breaks Loose in Libya
    • Ana Maria Alonso 07/29/2013 at 4:51 pm

      Excellent rejoinder JTMcPhee!

    • Apparently Libyans (non-Greens) (Who knows how many?) are now saying Gaddafi was right about the Islamists' attempts to take over Libya and North Africa. Things have gotten much worse along all lines--security, economic, political and social--since he was assassinated. I did not support Gaddafi but I have to recognize his merits in building infrastructure such as Great Man Made River (bombed by NATO 2011; not yet repaired?), paying for students' University costs abroad, building schools, keeping foreigners from gaining a controlling interest in oil, etc. Nothing comparable has been achieved since. Moreover since the US & Nato's humanitarian military bombed entire cities to rubble in Libya, I hardly think they are appropriate to train troops. Why did the West dethrone Gaddafi or worse? Because the CIA had been trying to get rid of him for decades; the attempted coup of 1996 led by Hifter backed by the CIA which involved alliances with Islamists & the release of prisoners preceded this last attempt. JTMcPhee's comments are right on track and very perceptive.

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