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Anthony Bellchambers

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  • Israeli Ads against Marriage with American Jews are Part of a Population War
    • Already 2/3's of us live in the worldwide diaspora in preference to living in COMA, the Citadel of Misplaced Arrogance.

      The fact that 75% of Israelis have obtained foreign passports ready to jump ship, surprises me not one jot.

      Already 10% of British Jews are Israeli.

  • Anti-Liberal Netanyahu Slams Arab Spring as Anti-Liberal
    • Anthony Bellchambers 11/26/2011 at 2:28 am

      Netanyahu's greatest betrayal, after trashing the dream of Herzl, is that perpetrated against the worldwide Jewish diaspora in which live the majority of world Jewry. Instead of looking at Israel with pride, we are now ashamed to be associated with a brutal regime that kills men, women and children without compunction in pursuit of expansionist policies and illegal settlements. Right-wing extremism is a pernicious political agenda that disenfranchises the majority.

      That this political Zionism is unconditionally supported by the American Israel lobby is a matter of deep regret and concern to those of us brought up to respect the ethics and teachings of Judaism. Ethics that forbid the killing of innocents and a contempt for human and civil rights.

    • Anthony Bellchambers 11/25/2011 at 7:23 pm

      "Fascism all looks the same, whether it wears a baseball cap, a kippah, or hijab"

      The above should be inscribed in large letters on every voting card in every election. It is a truism that is essential to be appreciated if democracy is to flourish in any meaningful sense. And that is so relevant this very day in Cairo, Damascus and Tel Aviv - as well as in Washington, London and Brussels.

    • Netanyahu is one of the neo-Zionist cabal that has acquired power in Israel through the manipulation of a misinformed electorate. He was elected to form a Likud coalition by democratic election - but such elections do not always bring in a regime that holds democratic values or has the welfare of the people at heart. The National Socialists were elected in Germany in 1933, and there are many other examples.

      The original leaders of Israel were at least sincere. David ben Gurion whilst not averse to bending either the truth or the rules in order to gain a national advantage, was not in politics for personal gain. Today's politicians in Israel are a different breed altogther. They do not bend rules, they break them. And they break them not for the benefit of the people. Politics in Israel is as bent as a $3 bill. Corruption is deep rooted and widely spread. It is the very antithesis of a democratic society. Which is why they are always screaming that they are the only democracy in the Middle East! Of course, it's complete nonsense. Each week the politicians and their families become richer as the poor become ever more numerous.

      Furthermore, the Likud party encourages right wing extremism and contempt for the UN. Which is why youngsters take government money and head for Palestinian land where they build illegal settlements in accordance with the Likud agenda to prevent a Palestinian state at all costs. Of course, there will be a Palestinian state but not before Israel has been involved a bloody battle for survival as the indigenous people claim back their land. Many thousands will inevitably be killed but not the politicians who will by then be safely ensconced in a Manhattan apartment drinking Martinis.

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